how to get a file name & record count of csv file

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Old 02-29-2008
how to get a file name & record count of csv file

HI ,
I am new to shell scripting ,
I have a requirement that
I send a file for data quality ( original.csv) & i will be getting 4 files daily into a particular directory in return with cleansed data .
the files may be clean.csv,
unclean.csv ,
So now my requirement is to read the file name & record count of each file ,put the file name & record count into table(2 columns)

compare the no of records(record count) in the sent file to the total record count all incoming files.

Can any one help me out to how to get the file name & record count from CSV file .

Thanks ,
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Old 03-02-2008
Question Not truly sure what is being asked, but

names of files
> ls -l *.csv

number of lines
> wc -l *.csv

Are you trying to, in english
determine # lines in output file
receive four files back
for each
understand the name
determine number of lines
write report file (filename, record count)
add up record count for all returned files
report on original record count vs. total returned record count
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Old 03-06-2008
hi Joe,

yes , i have to read all the return files(4) ,the name & record count and put it into a table with
record count
as columns .

and have to cross check the total count of all return files and compare with the record count of the file .

basically i want to insert the
names of files
> ls -l *.csv

number of lines
> wc -l *.csv into the table columns

example: out file : ABCD 100
infile1 : ABCD1 40
infile2 : ABCD2 30
infile3 : ABCD3 10
infile4 : ABCD4 20

i have to do a record check after inserting into a table for the ABCD file
with Total count(ABCD1+ABCD2+ABCD3+ABCD4)

if the count matches i have to take the files for further process , if the count mismatch i have to reject the batch.

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