not able to log in as root

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Old 04-04-2002
not able to log in as root

FreeBSD 4.5 (yeah i'm not giving it up)
i installed it on another compaq (I know but it's all they're willing to give to me) and during the first attempt to install it crashed, kept on his 9%. Rebooted and ran install again and when it finished i wanted to log in as root and it returned me over and over again the startup screen (core dump was the error message). I could log in as a user i made extra during the install.
I guess some things went wrong during the install and i bet it's because of a crappy cdromreader which has problems with my clonecd of FreeBSD.
But how comes that i can could log in as a regular user and not as root? (damn forgot to try SU Smilie).
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Old 04-04-2002
yeah, it was definately the cdromreader. Put the FreeBSD cdrom on my win2k ftp server and installed it that way. Compaq should be forbidden!
still don't know about that login in?

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