I can't divide properly in shell

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Old 02-26-2008
I can't divide properly in shell

I'm new at this and frustratd because I know this must be simple but here goes. I'm trying to write a script that will give me the percentage of a particular field over multiple text files.

Each day I have around 1500 files that are generated. Each file has around 100 lines in it. The lines that I want have LOI in the first field. Each line has 13 fields. The last field either has 0001 (good) or 0002 (bad). I need to find the total lines with LOI and figure the percentage of 0002 of the total.

Getting the total is easy.

total=`grep LOI date* | cut -d" " -f 13 | wc -l`

and getting the bad...

bad=`grep LOI date* | cut -d" " -f 13 |grep 0002| wc -l`

date* gives me all the files for the day in question. So that counts all the records and gets them into a variables. Then I tried

expr $failed / $played

and it just gives me 0.

I then tried this in AWK. I can do this

gawk '/LOI/ {print $13 }' date* | wc -l | gawk '{print "total " $0}'

but can't figure out how to get both values into awk and manipulate them.
please help...
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Old 02-26-2008
Has to be awk? Well, then maybe...
$ total=92
$ some=13
$ awk -vsome=$some -vtotal=$total 'BEGIN { print some*100/total ; exit } '

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Old 02-26-2008
Tools Not exactly sure of all your variables

Perhaps this example will help you:

> cat divide
#! /bin/bash


ans=$(($failed * 100 / $played))
echo $failed" / "$played" ="
echo $ans"%"

> divide
21 / 48 =
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Old 02-26-2008

You guys are great. I subsituted some stuff and here is what I got

total=`grep LOI 1*.* | cut -d" " -f 13 | wc -l`
echo "$total"
failed=`grep LOI 1*.* | cut -d" " -f 13 |grep 0002| wc -l`
echo "$failed"
awk -vsome=$failed -vtotal=$total 'BEGIN { print 100-failed/total*100 ; exit } '

And it works great. Thanks!
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