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Old 03-22-2001
Why won't my computer (Sun Sparc5 Solaris 2.6) execute the gzip or gunzip commands I input? It returns the message "gunzip: not found" or "gzip: not found" no matter what file I try to unzip. It also displays this message when I use the compress and uncompress commands.
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Old 03-22-2001
Sounds like they're not in your path. Try 'whereis gunzip'.
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Old 03-22-2001
UNIX commands

Thanks for the hint PxT. I tried the "whereis gunzip" command, and "gunzip:" appeared on the next line. What does that mean? Thanks in advance!
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Old 03-22-2001
That means that whereis can't find the file. If it could, the output would have looked something like:

$ whereis gunzip
gunzip: /bin/gunzip /usr/bin/gunzip

This means that gunzip was found in both /bin and /usr/bin on my system.

Either a) you dont have gzip/gunzip installed, or b) you have them installed in non-standard location that whereis doesnt know about. You could try:
find / -name gunzip

to search the entire filesystem. If you still can't find them, download the package from http://www.sunfreeware.com

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Old 03-23-2001
MySQL UNIX commands

Thanks so much PxT! I downloaded the command from the sunfreeware site and it works beautifully. Thanks again!
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