Irix Root Paasword Recovery

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Old 03-26-2002
Irix Root Paasword Recovery

I lost my root passwd for IRIX 6.4 . I need help retrieving it .
Can i Remote Boot of a SUN CDROM
Anyone Smart enough ...

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Old 03-26-2002
This works,

boot on the cdrom, then re-mount your partion,

vi the /etc/shadow (or passwd under Irix [either one] ) then remove the cryted letters on the root user line make sure to Save what you edited and then reboot the system root password will be empty.

Remote Boot ? not sure, haven't try that before.. Others might have some ideas/suggestion's..

Post back if that doesnt help.
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Old 03-26-2002
Problem Is that I donot have a CDROM , So I need to Remote BOOT .
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Old 03-26-2002
read this

Please read this posting. I beleive that it will be enlightening.

Most systems support rebooting to single user mode and then changing the password if you have physical access or can remote reboot the box.

Hope this helps!

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Old 03-26-2002
Well Dosent look easy .
Rebooting to single User asks me to enter the password .
So i get hanged there .
I have to Remote Boot . I am working on it though . Will update the post soon..

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