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Old 03-28-2002

Thanx UNIX Guru, u are just too good.

One more question ?

Does Cpio actually copies all the desired files to the new file.
How does it actually work.

I have gone thru the man pages , but wasn't of much help.

Thanx in advance
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Old 03-29-2002

When I used the cpio option , it actually didn't help me much.
I first cahnged to the directory which contains the new moved files
and then I used the command provided by you.

It gave me an Error Message:

/home/arbor>ls | cpio -oO /tmp/R00HAA.cpio
cpio: illegal option -- O
Usage: cpio -o[aAcBvxCh] [-e warn|force|ignore] <name-list >collection
cpio -i[BcdmPrtuvfsSbx6RU] [pattern ...] <collection
cpio -p[adlmruvxU] [-e warn|force|ignore] directory <name-list

Please let me know if I am going wrong somewhere.

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Old 03-29-2002
First of all, when it comes to learning commands, only use the man pages if you cant find the definition somewhere else in a unix book. I personally dont use man pages unless I have to. man pages certainly is not the easiest thing to understand. I never refer nobody to a man page unless I checked it out my self and found it to be very helpful. try spending time online looking for definitions if you cant get a hold of a book

anyway, about that cpio thing. did you type a small letter o and a big letter O or did you mistakenly type number 0???

these characters look quite similar so be careful.

get in the directory where your wanted files are in and try this command:

ls | cpio -o > (name of file you want to back it up in)

to extract the files, do: cpio -i (name of file you backed up your files in)

that should work, if it dont then use tar instead.

if my linux pc was connected to the internet, I'd be a lot helpful to you but I goto reboot to access my linux system.
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Old 03-31-2002
Thanx for all your help and suggestions.

I think I cannot have a better Guru than you.

Can you please suggest me the efficient way of doing my task.

Basically I have got all my Files in my directory, Right .
Then I want them to be in a particular file ( You suggested I use tar).

Now I want to ftp across to some other server , OK ?

And that server just has the utility of GZIP. so Looks to me like then this won't work.

Basically what I want is put all my files in a single file and then Gzip that file and send it across by ftp.

Can you suggest me how this task is possible ?????

Your help & suggestions will be highly appreciated.
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Old 03-31-2002
What operating system are you using?? I dont know much about other operating systems except for Linux and little knowledge of solaris

anyway, I would suggest you use the tar method I showed you earlier. When you have already backed up the wanted files to a file, then you simply do this:

type: gzip (the file containing the wanted files)
type: ls
look for the file name you just gzipped and it should have a .gz attached to it

through ftp, log onto the server and go to the specific directory or place you want to transfer the file onto.

type: put (name of the gzipped file that has .gz attached to it)

that should do it

and by the way, using tar will certainly work with gzip and also, I hope you know your way around the ftp system cause that sure would help you deliver the file safely to where you want it delivered. are you familiar with the ftp commands??? if not, when you type ftp at the command prompt, you get a prompt that looks like this ftp>

now, you can type help at the ftp prompt and that will help you with the commands you need to accomplish what you want

ftp> help
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Old 03-31-2002
Hi ,
Thanx alot.

Now One more question .

When I had tared the files , and later wanted to extract them it shows me the complete pathname , something like this

x /home/R00h_ph_files/PH_TEST/PH0030012301544700000AF-005, 13950 bytes, 28 tape blocks
x /home/R00h_ph_files/PH_TEST/PH0030012301544700000AF-006, 15023 bytes, 30 tape blocks
x /home/R00h_ph_files/PH_TEST/PH0030012301544700000AF-007, 13272 bytes, 26 tape blocks

Is it possible that it just shows the names of the file rather than the whole path.

I could see the same thing even when the files were archived.
Why does it show the complete path of the file from where it is archived.

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Old 03-31-2002
situations like this would require the use of awk. I really dont think you can cut off some of the path. i really am not sure about that.

can you access the files after you tared them??? if you can, then dont worry about the long file names. all you have to do to access the files is type whatever command you want to type and the name of the files. (that is if you are in the same directory the files are in)

anyway, if you want to just get rid of every other thing but the pathnames of your file. try this command

get in the directory you xtracted the file into and type this

after typing whatever command you used to extract the files, then pipe it with this: awk '{print $2}'


tar xvf sowhat.tar | awk '{print $2}'
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