Need help setting up a home solaris private network

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Old 02-04-2008
Need help setting up a home solaris private network

Hi all,

I just purchased 2 Ultra 10 servers and I want to practice with home networking. I want to create a private network where I can connect both boxes to the internet via broadband using my four port adsl modem/router. My ISP assigns me 192.168 addresses via DHCP and I use the ISP's DNS but what I'm interested in is:

1. Configuring my own internal DNS

2. Creating my own internal network with different ip addresses.

I will be adding some windows pc to the network soon but I just need guidance or tips on where to start, ipaddressing, firewalls...routing, setting up internal mail etc. I'm new to this and I'll be glad with all the help I can get. By the way, OS on both boxes is Solaris 10.

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Old 02-05-2008
The ip you get is from your router/dsl modem not from the ISP. The ip address's of 192.168.x.x are coming from DHCP on the router. would be the ip of your router, you can login to it via a web browser and configure a new internal ip range. Check the router manual for instructions.
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