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Old 03-19-2002
Copying a file

Can anyone help me with simple problem.....
I am newie bee UNIX. I want to copy a file from drive A to /temp directory on drive C. How do i do that.?

Thank you
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Old 03-19-2002
If you mean you want to copy a file from the floppy to the /tmp partition, then do this:

$ cp /floppy/yourfilename.ext /tmp/yourfilename.ext

OR possibly

$ cp /dev/diskette0/yourfilename.ext /tmp/yourfilename.ext

It matters how your version of UNIX describes the floppy drive.
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Old 03-20-2002
First you have to mount the floppy...
Wherever it's mounted is where your file will be.
DOS COPY = Unix cp
cp /mnt/floppy/filename.txt /tmp/whatever.txt

I'm sure someone can help you do it step by step if you post back with the output of this command:
uname -a
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Old 03-20-2002
Copying a file

By the way, i am using FreeBsD Unix version. As i have tried both of your suggestions, still did not work. This is what i did.

i logged in as root. Then i typed in

# cp /mnt/rfd0/mytext.tar /tmp/mytext.tar

i got the respond as saying

cp: /mnt/rfd0/mytext.tar: No such file or directory

I have no problem with DOS command at all, but when come to UNIX i feel like i am a dummie.. that's right DUMMIES.

Could anyone help me ? Thank you so much !!!
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Old 03-20-2002
Check that the file exist by using the ls command (Information on ls can be see by doing the command {where $ is your prompt} $ man ls )

Also check that the floppy is seen by the system with df -k

Once you get the directory and file listing off the floppy, you can see if that file exist - your syntax looked correct and should have worked IF the file is actually on the floppy.
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Old 03-20-2002
i followed your instruction (thehoghunter). i issued a command df -k but i didn't see floppy device (rfd0). except for the hard drive (ad0s1a, 1f, 1e).

It strange because i could format floppy on device (rfd0) with command (fdformat /dev/rfd0).
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Old 03-20-2002
Can you post the output from the df -k ?
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