grep required pattern and next 2 or 3 lines

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Old 01-31-2008
grep required pattern and next 2 or 3 lines

dear ones

pl.kindly help me 1) how to print(grep) required pattern and following 2 or 3 lines. 2) grep required pattern(to print)+above 2 lines+below 2 or 3 lines.from a report file.

we have some report file
kf askfjsk fksaj fk skf sjfksjd kff sjfkjs kf jskdjfklsd jfklsdf sdkfjsd fsd
jkfsdja fkjsdklf jsdklfj klsdj fklsd jkfjsdkfj ksd jfksdjf 456015
jf sakjlf ksld flksdjklfj sakl jfklsdajklfj sdalfjsdj fksldjfls djfkl

i want to print 456015 and next 1 or 2 lines in some cases. and 456015 + above one line +below 1 or 2 lines.
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Old 02-01-2008
print 456015 and next one line:
sed -n '/456015/ {p; n; p;}' file

print 456015 and next two lines:
sed -n '/456015/ {p; n; p; n; p;}' file

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Old 02-01-2008
this also

can u say how to print the line above that search string?
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Old 02-01-2008
Priting the lines before pattern

The forum has the answer,please check

Nagarajan G
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