ascii for EOF ???

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Old 03-16-2002
ascii for EOF ???

Could someone please post the ascii code for End Of File

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Old 03-16-2002
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Old 03-16-2002
Or type "man ascii".
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Old 03-16-2002
Of the two sites that thehoghunter found, I really prefer the first one. That "026 (eof)" is a little misleading. The 26 is a decimal number despite that leading zero. I'm gonna bookmark that first one's awesome.

We need to know the context of the question in order to provide a meaningful answer. You can put any of the 128 ascii characters into a disk file and then read them back. And for that matter all 256 values for a byte can be stored into a file. None of them will cause an "end of file" upon reading. This is why getchar() returns an integer rather than a byte. When it hits end of file, it returns -1.

This is a Unix site and about the only time that Unix is going to let an ascii character represent an "end of file" condition is in the context of terminal driver. You can type "stty -a" to see which character your terminal driver is currently using for end-of-file. And it's could change it to any character you want. But the conventional choice is "control-D", aka 004, aka eot (end of transmit).
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