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Old 01-24-2008
Script to generate text file from excel file


I have a excel file which has almost ten columns on the shared drive. I have to write a shell script to ftp that daily to unix server and then extract some columns from there and generate oracle standard text file. The columns should be in proper order and aligned properly, otherwise the oracle process is not going to read that file.

Example excel file

1 2 3 4
1st record
sg_jtfTaskCreateBd.jsp jtf /jtf/11.5.0/html
2nd record
OppPurchaseLinesDesc.class java java/oracle/apps/asf/opportunity

I have to extract these columns and generate the text file with six columns with proper alignment.


jtf /jtf/11.50/html jtfTaskCreateBd.jsp jtf /jtf/11.50/html jtfTaskCreateBd.jsp

The text here is not coming on one line...But, it should be the three columns and the three columns gets repated again.

Does somebody have a sample code snippet or any ideas on how this can be done?

I would really appreciate that...

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Old 01-24-2008
Here is a link to Active State web site that has examples of how you can extract cells from an Excel spreadsheet.
ActivePerl 5.8 - Online Docs : Using OLE with Perl

This is a windows solution and you would have to use Active State perl. I believe if you do a search of this forum you should find other solutions that will work with unix and/or linux. Good luck.
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