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Old 01-24-2008
Darwinports question

I installed darwinports in X11 under mac OSX 10.4.11. I can install ports through the terminal from darwinports alright. It install all of it's files in
/opt/local. I downloaded a source tarball of an addon to sawfish, when I configure the install. what do I use to show the path as /opt/local. Also do I put addons or themes into the /opt/local/bin directory, s different directory or do I create my own directory?

Thanks for any help to a newbie!Smilie
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pyntor-selfrun - creation of self-extracting presentation archives SYNOPSIS
pyntor-selfrun [OPTIONS] presentation-archive|presentation-directory DESCRIPTION
Pyntor is a presentation tool which can display slides and effects of various formats. The tool pyntor-selfrun allows one to create self- extracting archives containing both the presentation and Pyntor itself, so that it can be run on computers where Pyntor itself is not installed. It also ensures independence of the corresponding Pyntor version, as future changes of the application do not affect the previ- ously created presentations. The way pyntor-selfrun works is that it takes the presentation-archive in question, packed as a tarball (which might be named *.pyntor), and the release tarball of Pyntor which must be present somewhere. Using a template file, it then creates the self-running and self-extracting script for distribution. In case the presentation-archive does not exist yet, pyntor-selfrun can create it automatically from a presentation-directory. This is use- ful even when not creating self-extracting archives, see the -a option. OPTIONS
-t, --template=templatefile Uses a template different from that one which is shipped with Pyntor and used by default. The template is a script in Python or another scripting language, which contains the variables %PYNTOR% and %ARCHIVE% which are replaced with the base64-encoded contents of the two files given as arguments to pyntor-selfrun. This option is not recommended for most cases. -a, --archive Creates a pyntor presentation-archive from a directory which contains a script file, local data files and optionally some local com- ponents. This is a convenience operation, since presentation archives are just tarballs, but in the future some checks might be done here. -r, --release=sourcetarball Specifies where to find Pyntor itself to include it into the self-extracting archive. The source tarball should be a released pyn- tor-*.tar.gz file. -h, --help Displays a summary of all available command line options. BUGS
In a future version, pyntor-selfrun should allow to create *.pyntor archives automatically by examining a script file, including only those files of Pyntor which it really needs. AUTHORS
Josef Spillner <josef@coolprojects.org> SEE ALSO
pyntor(1), pyntor-components(1) Cool Projects 0.6 pyntor-selfrun(1)