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Old 03-12-2002
Question HP UX Training

I am considering getting some fundemental training in HP UX. I have been in the IT field for about 5 years and am looking for a way to make myself more marketable and learn more at the same time. I have very little knowledge of UNIX but would love to know more. Is this a smart plan or should I rethink my position? I am also condsidering Network Security and VB programming. My background is varied from Desktop support, project management, some network admin. stuff and Wise scripting. Thanks for your help!!

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Old 03-12-2002
Suggest you check the FAQ for Certifications and trainings.
and also check the HP webpage for your local site for any open training and certifications.
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Old 03-14-2002

Since most vendor courses are rather expensive, (unless your company will pay) are VERY expensive!

I would suggest some College UNIX courses in programming and Operating System.

Also, I did some self study. If you are interested in HPUX, you can visit their websites or go and buy books published by them at your local bookstore.

Their website is very useful! Either itrc.hp.com which is the technical man pages and documentation website and Bulletin board as well or www.hp.com/education

There is a very good book also HPUX Certified that will help you get a good knowledge of HPUX.
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Old 03-14-2002
Good advice from above ....

If your looking for fundamental skills then there is no real need to attend a course when a good book will do, plus from a book you will learn what is relevent to you. If you have VB experience then I suggest shell programming would be a good skill to learn as you will have a head start as far as the theory goes.

I have completed various HP-UX courses and fully recommed then if your company will pay for them or if you can afford then ... the quality of the tutors and materials is second to none from the experiences that I have had - but would recomend the self study method to make sure that UNIX is really a skill that you want add to your CV ....

... good luck
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Old 03-15-2002
Keep in mind that HP-UX only runs on HP hardware... you won't be able to practice / play at home. I found a cool little HP workstation on eBay once for $25... I just ran across a similar one here:

If you search for "HP-UX" or "hp9000", and sort by cheapest, there's often a few good things that pop up...
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