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Commands for File Security

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Old 03-09-2002
Commands for File Security

I was reading about unix on the site on the internet when I came across a topic that deals with using commands like "crypt" to encrypt files so that no one but the owner can see contents of the file.

Now, I tried that command "crypt" on my Linux RedHat version 7.2 system and it didn't work

my question is, does anyone know of any command or commands I can use to secure the contents of a file. I know about file permissions but am not interested in that. I want to take file security to a higher professional level by crypting.

does anybody have any idea what am talking about?? if you do, please give me a complete answer about the file security commands that would work on most unix platforms.

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Old 03-09-2002
I think you'll prefer GPG
Gnu Privacy Guard. This is a GNU version
of PGP encrytion software. Works very well.
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Old 03-09-2002
Please, tell me more about this. The web site address you gave doesn't have much information that would help me in anyway.

do I have to download a special software cause if thats the case, then I cant do it because my Linux system isnt connected to the internet due to incompatibility of my modem.

I have the latest version of Linux Red Hat 7.2. isn't the software I need included in it?????
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Old 03-09-2002
The FAQ for the above web site has lots of info:

The bottom line is that you have a powerful and free encryption engine available with more features that you could use.

You can also check out versions of PGP on the net, the older brother of GNUpg.

UNIX crypt() is used for a limited number of cryptographic applications and people generally do not use it for encrypting files.
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Old 03-10-2002

The link I gave you is the main page.
If you look at... will find more than you need to know
about GPG. As Neo states, "you have a powerful
and free encryption engine available with more
features that you could use." I would recommend reading this "manual" first then downloading and
installing this to do EXACTLY what you are
proposing to do. It is extremely flexable and
relatively easy to build and install.
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Old 03-12-2002
And yes, your installation of RH7.2 probably has it. If it's not installed (type "gpg" to find out), if will be on one of the first two CDs.

The crypt command isn't used very mcuh since it's been considered very easily crackable by anyone with a little time... I agree that GPG is probably a better choice here for encrypting individual files.

There are always cryptographic filesystems too, if you REALLY feel like getting a headache...

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