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Old 03-08-2002
mandrake rpm question

Env: Mdk 8.1

I downloaded the kernel-source-2.4.8-26mdk.i586.rpm
from mandrake. When i try to 'pm -Uv' it, i get an error
that i need to install ncurses-devel. The ncurses that is installed
with mdk 8.1 is ncurses-5.2-16mdk.i586.rpm and the development version that is avail is ncurses-5.2-12.2mdk.i586

I can't install the devel. version because it complaints about conflicts with the installed ncurses version. I can't install the 12.2 version of ncurses because the 16 version is newer.

How can i handle these conflicts???
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Old 03-10-2002
This is the course or what happends when download unix. One it is not guaranteed to be stable. Two, users have the hardwork to get this installation done one by one. For your case its too complicated due to Versions. When one version is old another version stop the process. If its new anoter process stops it. The best solution for what i know is buy the CD (version retaily). Its a best solution for now. others might give some idea on this thread bu for what i know the best solution is buying the CD and installed it.
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Old 03-12-2002
He's trying to upgrade his kernel, it sounds, not install a fresh Linux system.

You could grab a newer kernel... The latest stable is 2.4.18.
If you want the Mandrake RPM, you could either uninstall ncurses, then reinstall the old version, or use the "--oldpackage" flag.

See the man page for more info.

Please post back with any more questions.
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