Freeing up a serial port with a modem connected

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Old 01-16-2008
Question Freeing up a serial port with a modem connected

I currently access a remote Unix server which has an external modem connected to one of it's serial ports (/dev/cua/b). At times, this server undergoes a hard reset and for some reason this disallows us from making use of the modem any longer. A hard reset of the modem always seems to fix the problem, however I was wondering if there was anything I could do from my x-terminal to "kick or free-up" the port/modem. When I issue the tip /dev/cua/b command when things are working, I am able to query the modem using ATI4 and such. But when either it or the port are in this strange state, I get no echo back of characters that I type while in tip. Can anyone recommand a command that I can issue from the Unix prompt to free up the port to avoid having me to call in a help ticket to simply get the modem reset?
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dc(7)							 Miscellaneous Information Manual						     dc(7)

dc - serial line/mouse/keyboard SYNOPSIS
controller dc0 at ibus0 slot 0 vector dcintr DESCRIPTION
The dc serial line controller provides DECstation 2100, DECstation 3100, DECstation 5000, and DECstation 5100 computer systems with key- board, mouse, and serial communications interfaces. The serial communications interfaces on the DECstation 2100 and DECstation 3100 provide partial modem control. The serial communications interfaces on the DECstation 5000 provide full modem control. The device special file /dev/tty01 on a DECstation 5100 provides full modem control, while the remaining ports provide no modem control at all. All serial commu- nications interfaces operate at baud rates from B50 to B9600, excluding B200. The dc ports are used as follows: Usage Graphics device keyboard at 4800 BPS Mouse or tablet at 4800 BPS Communications port 1 (w/modem control)/local terminal Communications port 2 (w/modem control)/local terminal On all systems except the DECstation 5100, serial port 2 is used for the system console port in server (that is, non-graphics) configura- tions. On DECstation 5100s, the serial port labeled 3 on the back of the system is always the system console port. The serial system con- sole port always operates at 9600 BPS, 8-bits, no parity; modem control is not supported. RESTRICTIONS
Data communications equipment attached to the console serial port in server configurations must be set to 9600 BPS, 8-bits, no parity. The scc driver enforces this restriction. FILES
console terminal local terminal local terminal local terminal (DECstation 5100 only) RELATED INFORMATION
console(7), devio(7), tty(7), MAKEDEV(8) delim off dc(7)