Get the number from the txt file

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Old 01-10-2008
Get the number from the txt file

Hello Guy,

I have the following information in the sample.txt, can i get the number and output into sample2.txt



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Old 01-10-2008
what have you tried? you had 200+ post, so i expected you to have tried something.

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Old 01-10-2008

cut -d '[' -f 2 < sample.txt | cut -d ':' -f 1 | bc > sample2.txt

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Old 01-10-2008
awk -F":" '{tmp=substr($1,3,6);print tmp*1;}' filename >sample.txt

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Old 01-10-2008
awk -F"[:-\[\]" '{ print $2 * 1}' filename > output.filename

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Old 01-10-2008
awk '{print $2+0}' FS="[:[]" data

Or Smilie

awk '!($0=$2+0)||1' FS="[:[]" data

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Old 01-10-2008
for very large files and assuming always 6 characters
awk  '{print substr($0,3,6)}' file  | bc > outfile

Originally Posted by Smiling Dragon
cut -d '[' -f 2 < sample.txt | cut -d ':' -f 1 | bc > sample2.txt

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