How to telnet if you r behind firewall????

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Old 03-03-2002
How to telnet if you r behind firewall????

Hi all

My freind has Windows 98 and behind a firewall ports used are (LAN)

ftp :80
Socks :1080

I have telnet server and connected to TCP/IP i.e modem and phone line I want to let my freind Enter my linux box (telnet tunnel) i.e using port 80 and redirect it to telnet port:23 ......How ?????
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Old 03-03-2002
I'm not exactly sure I understabd your setup
but I'm assuming your friend has the Win98 PC
that is behind a firewall. First, firewalls
can be (and are most often) configured to allow
outbound requests to pass through (probably
use IP Masquerading) so an outbound telent
request should not be a problem.

I also assume you have a Linux box with a dial-up
connection to the Internet therefore is using
DCHP to get an IP address from your ISP each time
you dial in (so you probably get a different IP
address each time you connect). First, I would
NEVER allow telnet inbound from the Internet.
You should look into enabling ssh/sshd on your
Linux box. You friend would need an SSH Windows
client. Look at...
...for a decent free one. However, your ISP may
not route inbound requests to you unless you are
paying for that type of service (typically comes
with a "static" IP address). So, all of this may
be moot.

Anyway, I know it's not exactly what you are
asking for but I hope this helps a little.
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Old 03-04-2002
Lightbulb This is what I meant ????

I think I have found the solution is HTTP tunneling i.e let my freind who has win98 to send data thru his server and make his PC as local server ...after tunnling these data it become on TCP/IP network i.e he could use telnet ,ssh,ftp whaetever pppd etc ....whenhe is behind a firewall .......
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