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Old 03-09-2001

How, where from and which UNIX or LINUX can I download so that I can use it normally working on 386 SX 4MB RAM.
I want to use only its basic functions and C and C++ compiler on it.
I need it for my studies.

P.S I need a stable UNIX or LINUX including a full set of
functions of C compiler. Thank you.
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Old 03-10-2001
Can't you upgrade your RAM to at least 8MB!

Linux can be installed on a 386 with 4 MB of RAM(I am really doubt on this Smilie ) - but it will be terribly slow, not practical for production, and certainly not recommended. What experts recommends is at least a 486 and at least 16 MB of RAM for command line, and at least 32 MB for GUI.

Since you don't need such productivity you will be much happier with 386 and 8MB RAM.

Originally posted by Neo
If you have a fast network connection, recommend you
go to http://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/ . Look in
the 'distributions' directory and pick one. Slackware
is easy to download using the WGET utility.

If you don't have a fast network connection or not
experienced in downloading large distributions, the
recommend you click on the RedHat 6.2 book on the
https://www.unix.com homepage and purchase book, CDROMs, etc
to install. The small price for the OS with documentation
and CDROM are well work the money.

We tend to do both. But when we need an new OS fast,
using WGET and sunsite work... but we have 764kbps
SDSL internet access.

Or you can download the Red Hat Linux operating system from ftp.redhat.com But, there are more than 700 RPMs taking up 540 MB and Red Hat FTP servers stay pretty busy.

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Old 03-12-2001
I've got some old Pentium 66 and 100 CPU boards with memory laying around in AT form factor (Asus motherboards). If you pay the shipping costs with Paypal, I will send you one for free. The boards and CPUs work fine. Some have 32 or 64 MBs of memory. Where are you located?
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Old 03-12-2001
i got linux working on my 486 dx 33 with 12Mb ram (2mb are very bad ;-P )and i even run Xfree on it and worked with netscape (i should not start any jave script but all other things worked great ). but you nee a copressor i have read some where (suse 7.0) but maybey on an older version linux works on it (linux hsould work on a 386 linus torvalds designed it on such a machine).
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Old 03-22-2001
Minix maybe?

Check out

I ran this on a 286 at one point. It's got a C complier and network support. Not sure what the state is now since I haven't ran it for about 5 years. Might be helpful to you since I know Linux runs pretty slow on a 386.

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