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Old 12-27-2007
Mailx and the From Line

I need to send an email from one server and make it look like it came from someone else because I dont check the mail on the production server if there is a reply. I have been over the man pages for mailx and I am just running in circles. Which option should I use to be able to do this?
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Old 12-27-2007
use sendmail directly or whatever MTA you have installed. This way you can add whatever headers you need.
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Old 12-29-2007
I don't use this all the time, but some of our email distribution processing uses the following...
$ cat $CC_BATCH/ | more

# Initialize sent flag
echo 'Reply-To: '$REPLY_ADDR >$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'To: '${TO_ADDR} >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'Cc: '$CC_ADDR >> $TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'From: '$FROM_ADDR >> $TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'Mime-Version: 1.0' >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'Subject: '$SUBJECT >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="PARTBOUNDARY"' >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"' >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'This mail has an attachment' >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'Content-Description: Text' >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"' >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
echo 'Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="'$ATTACH_FILE_NAME'"' >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
        if [ -s $ATTACH_FILE ]
                cat $ATTACH_FILE >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
                echo >>$TMP_PATH_FILE
        echo '--PARTBOUNDARY--' >>$TMP_PATH_FILE

# main script
# setup environment
# Check if lock File from req_proc exists
# get params

if [ 1 ]
echo '**** Email Dispatch process commencing' `date` '****' >> $EML_LOG_FILE

        if [ "$TO_ADDR" = "" ] || [ "$FROM_ADDR" = "" ] || [ "$REPLY_ADDR" = "" ] || [ "$SUBJECT" = "" ] || [ "$ATT
ACH_FILE" = "" ] || [ "$EML_LOG_FILE" = "" ];
                echo "ERROR: Argument missing for email_dispatch script." >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                echo "TO_ADDR"      $TO_ADDR      >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                echo "FROM_ADDR"    $FROM_ADDR    >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                echo "REPLY_ADDR"   $REPLY_ADDR   >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                echo "SUBJECT"      $SUBJECT      >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                echo "ATTACH_FILE"  $ATTACH_FILE  >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                echo "EML_LOG_FILE" $EML_LOG_FILE >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                echo '**** Email Dispatch process completed' `date` '****' >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                return 1

        ATTACH_FILE_NAME=`echo $ATTACH_FILE | sed '1,$s/.*\///'`

        if [ -f $TMP_PATH_FILE ]
                echo "Error: Temporary file exists. "$TMP_PATH_FILE >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                echo '**** Email Dispatch process completed' `date` '****' >> $EML_LOG_FILE
                return 1
                > $TMP_PATH_FILE

        # Mail file
        sleep 1
        mail ${TO_ADDR},${CC_ADDR} < $TMP_PATH_FILE >> $EML_LOG_FILE
        sleep 1

        # Clean up
        rm $TMP_PATH_FILE >> $EML_LOG_FILE

        echo '**** Email Dispatch process completed' `date` '****' >> $EML_LOG_FILE
fi 2>> $EML_LOG_FILE

And would be called from another script ...
.. .. ..
        # Alter Attachment and Subject Title details for outgoing email.
        export EML_LOG_FILE=$LOG

        export SUBJECT=' Your Subject Goes Here '

        # Dispatch email.
        echo 'Dispatching Email...' >> $LOG
        if [ $EML_RESULT = 0 ]
                echo 'Email dispatch successful.' >> $LOG
                echo '*** Error: Email failed !' >> $LOG
.. .. ..

Hope the above is of some help for you. Smilie

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