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glibc 2.2.2

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Old 03-07-2001

After installing glibc 2.2.2 on my redhat 6.1 (with all necessary updates). I try to restart but my compter say i do not existst like you deleted root account and you are root. (i have seen people doing that ;-P ). I run configure with these command --bindir=/bin --sbindir=/sbin --libdir=/lib --enable-add-ons=linuxthreads --sysconfdir=/etc

I als try to use --prefix=/ but then my system crashed and i couldn't start it up (init not found) and after getting that working su had segmentation fault an i couldn't log in.

I have a standard rh 6.1 system with the newest automake , lexinfo , gnu make , sed ,gawk and the other things where glibc says it was to old. (i am not @home so i can forget one sorry). And i also installed binutils and modutils.
all of them as source not as rpm.

What is the problem that i can't su or that my usermanagement compeltly crashed. what can i do about it ??.

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Old 03-08-2001

found the problem @home Smilie. it did go wrong by installling (some library files wheren't installed).

So the question how do i install library's withouth crashing my system. Smilie

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