Copying with directory structure

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Old 11-28-2007
Copying with directory structure

I need to copy a set of directories along with all sub directories and files from one unix box to another. Any ideas?

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Old 11-28-2007

if u r working in network then it is simple to copy directories & file from on unix m/c to another unix machine by using ftp or telnet. you can make ftp connection from one unix machine to another. after that use commands like mget<mget> or mput<file name>

simply use TAPE DRIVE for copy that files or directories

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Old 11-28-2007
I guess scp is what you want:
$ scp -r localdir remoteuser@remotehost:/remotedir

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Old 11-28-2007
The way our fathers (and the fathers of our fathers) told us to do such things is:

- create a tar-file

- transmit this tar-file (by ftp, whatever)

- untar the file

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Old 11-29-2007
My goodness, I feel old, bakunin. That's how I would have done it without even missing a beat.

Cnfsed could also export the file system read-only via NFS from the source machine and mount it on the target machine. Then use either a recursive copy or tar.

Time for my Centrum Silver.
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