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Old 11-28-2007
Searching in VI


I would like to do a search and replace on a file using vi.

Something like this:

I want to search the entire file and replace all text that does not match dst_port=**** with space or nothing. In other words delete everything except for dst_port=****. The four * are wild cards for any four numeric numbers 1 through 9999. Im not sure how to script the "not dst_port=any number" between the two / foreword slashes. I want to view all the destination port number values and remove all other text.
Any help on this would be appreciated.

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Old 11-28-2007
I use:
Will depend on your version of vi but one that has a 'proper' regex parser will identify . as a single character wildcard.
You can try playing with \d and [0-9]{4} as alternatives but I've not tried these in vi myself.

Otherwise, why not use sed?
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