SFTP files from windows drive E: to unix

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Old 11-23-2007
Error SFTP files from windows drive E: to unix

Hello friends,

I was doing this test script which would take a file from my own E: drive to the unix server which i access from a putty.

I tried

sftp <osuser>@<ipaddress>

but it didn't work.

does the windows client have to be a server installation?

i was trying on win xp from solaris 5.10 tty

Another thing,

I need to understand the syntax of a crontab command.
10 2-10 * * * ksh /home/check2run.ksh /home/test.done "home/test_sftp.ksh sftp" 2>> logs/sftptest.log >& 2

I understand the basic syntax of crontab.
plz tell me, what do the

"home/test_sftp.ksh sftp" 2>> logs/sftptest.log

>& 2

parts mean?

will be sincerely grateful for any kind of help that I recieve.
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Old 11-23-2007
For windows use psftp client instead.
The crontab syntax (this is ksh, which I'm not really good at, correct me if I'm wrong) generally indicates scripts invocation and sending the output in log file.
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Old 11-24-2007
cron line explanation

You should better try WinSCP, it's a lot easier to use.

10 2-10 * * * ksh /home/check2run.ksh /home/test.done "home/test_sftp.ksh sftp" 2>> logs/sftptest.log >& 2

Your doubts are not cron syntax related, the entire line means:

execute at minute 10 between 2 and 10am everyday the following command:

ksh /home/check2run.ksh /home/test.done "home/test_sftp.ksh sftp" 2>> logs/sftptest.log >& 2

/home/check2run.ksh is executed with the ksh shell and the following arguments
/home/test.done "home/test_sftp.ksh sftp"

Redirect standard error output to /logs/sftptest.log
 2>> logs/sftptest.log

Redirect standard output to the standard error.
 >& 2

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Old 11-26-2007


Thank you very much my friend.. the explanation is wonderfully clear.


Thanks tou you too my frind.. although I'm still doubtful that psftp can solve my problem.
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Old 11-26-2007
Why not ? psftp is excellent command line utility for batch ssh transfers, it also can run in non-interactive mode. What exactly is your requirement ?
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