I need remote connection help

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Old 02-12-2002
I need remote connection help

I am very new to all of this. I tcsh into a Unix box at work. I receive "hints" from a guy here at work that is helping me without doing everything for me.

I need to use rx display to x connect to a remote host. I then need to tell the machine (unsure if he meant mine or the box I connected to) to use remote display.

I am trying to go from a FreeBSD machine through an SGI machine to connect to a Citrix server.
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Old 02-12-2002
He may be referring to the DISPLAY environment
variable. This variable (on the system you log
in to) needs to be set (and exported) to the
IP address of your machine (the one you are
running "rx" on). However, if you are going
through a firewall, this will probably not work
unless the firewall is open on the X11 ports
(this would be a BAD thing!). If your organization
uses VPN access then it should not be a problem.
If not, you can still use SSH and X11 port
forwarding. You should check with your admin
folks regarding this.
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Old 02-12-2002
Thank you very much. My local Unix guru was pleased with my effort. Be warned I'll be back (=
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