problem in filtering the file

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Old 11-22-2007
problem in filtering the file


Plz help me out with this.
I have some requirement like this.....
I have a file like this...

* CS sent email (11.20)
CALYPSO 1031276 9076673 CDSHY FAILED Nov 19 2007 7:28AM OASYS: Unable to find CUSTOMER account GSINTLModify() failed for root: Fee,, node:ThirdPartyMnemonic,GSINTLModify() failed for root: Transaction,, node:FeeList,Unable to find CUSTOMER account GSINTLModify() failed for root: Fee,, node:ThirdPartyMnemonic,G
* SS sent email (11.20)
CALYPSO 1241789 9091113 CDSNRG FAILED Nov 20 2007 12:47PM OASYS: Unable to find Cusip <656060900> in Global Products .Failed to Get Cusip Information

*CR sent email (11.05)
CALYPSO 1121098 9039424 LDS3C FAILED Nov 14 2007 10:19AM OASYS: Unable to find CUSTOMER account RBSGRN3CModify() failed for root: Transaction,, node:CounterPartyMnemonic,RBSGRN3CModify() failed for root: Deal,, node:TransactionList,

Now my requirement is ....
a)I need to read the section starts from * until it encounters a blank line in the above file and write into a temporary file say checkfailed.txt.
b)Then I need to read the comment line from checkfailed .txt and then add it to another file dealfailed.txt.

Kindly help me out in that...
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