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Old 02-11-2002
Reverse Display

I need to display a line in an xterm window but i want to revese the colors so that the background color becomes the foreground color and the foreground color the background color. I want to do this as part of ksh script.

Can somebody tell me how to do this ?

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Old 02-11-2002
echo $(tput rev) text goes here $(tput rmso)
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Old 02-12-2002
Is there any difference between "tput rev" and "tput smso"?
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Old 02-12-2002
Originally posted by LivinFree
Is there any difference between "tput rev" and "tput smso"?
That depends on the capabilities of the terminal and the author of the terminal's terminfo entry.

"rev" is clearly reverse video.

As for smso, the terminfo man page states:
Choose one display method as standout mode and use it to highlight error messages and other text to which you want to draw attention. Choose a for of display that provides strong contrast but that is easy on the eyes. (We recommend reverse-video plus half-bright or reverse-video alone. I look at the man page though, I see that I shouldn't have used "rmso"...
sgr0 should be used to turn off all video enhancement capabilities. It should always be specified because it represents the only way to turn off some capabilities, such as dim or blink.
So this is a better answer:

echo $(tput rev) text goes here $(tput sgr0)
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Old 02-12-2002
Aha... I didn't realize that there was a more correct way that "rmso"... Thank you for clearing that up for me.
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Old 02-12-2002
Muchos Gracias.. LivinFree and Perdarbo
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