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Old 02-09-2002
kernel parameter

Hi all
I am using HPUX 11.00 .its a HP9000 L class server with 1gb ram and dual processor 540Mhz.

i want to know abt the two kernel parameter mentioned below

these two parameter has the default values and it has not been changed once.

as some application on this server while running it is giving some out of memory error and some body told me i need to increase these two parameters.

one more thing how can i increase swap memory in HP unix.

swap -a comand in solaris is not available in Hpux

waiting for ur suggestions
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Old 02-09-2002
Well there's not much to say. maxssiz is the maximum size of the stack (which is a separate segment). maxdsiz is the maximum size of the data seqment. And even though you didn't ask, maxtsiz is the maximum size of the text segment.

I would strongly suggest that you sam to increase them. sam->kernel configuation->configurable parameters will get you there. It is possible to do this from the command line, but it's a tedious. poorly automated process with lots of opportunities to make fatal mistakes.

On HP-UX, swapon is the command to add a swap area. And swapinfo is the command to see how much swap is being used.
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