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Old 02-08-2002

Hi. I am working on a Sunblade with Solaris 8 installed. 2 hard disks, not mirrored or striped. The person who set it up originally had not given /usr it's own partition. The second disk is one large partition with a directory mounted on it. We are running Apache on this machine to work with Blast databases. The www files are all under /usr. Problem is that root is full now with all these www and db files, so I would like to repartition disk2 to make room for a /usr mount. However, the directory currently mounted on disk2 has files in it also. I would like to be able to repartition disk2 without disturbing these files. Help please!
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Old 02-08-2002
"had not given /usr it's own partition" This is always a matter of choice. /usr does not have to be it's own partition. Putting /usr on a second disk may be more confusing than leaving it where it is. If you were moving /var to a different disk, not as bad but to move /usr requires you boot up off of a cdrom into single user.

"The www files are all under /usr" Are they under /usr in their own directory? If so, that is what you should move to it's own partition (leaving /usr where it is). If they are in /usr/www/, then boot into single user and tar the /usr/www/* and put it on the second disk. Then create a link from /usr/www to the new directory on the second disk (/www). This is also better for security reasons not to have the web pages (and cgi-scripts) loaded on /usr. You probably don't have to change the Apach config files at all for this (although that is also easy enough)
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Old 02-11-2002
You are right about putting WWW on the second disk. I was considering that too but was not sure. However, your reply didn't mention whether it is possible to repartition disk2 so that I can put www on its own partition there (without having to move the files currently on disk2 somewhere else).

Or did you mean that I should just put www in disk2 as a subfolder of the folder currently present? Currently /usr/home/data has the whole of the disk2 partition. If I put www as a subfolder there, would that be too deep and create slow access for users? Perhaps it makes no difference as it will be only accessed internally on our LAN.
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Old 02-11-2002
Sorry, sometimes it's hard to remember which problems I was helping with...takes time to re-find them.

Anyway, putting a link for the web pages onto the second disk would be easier and the fact that the directory would be down 4 levels would not matter. What would matter is the security of those pages (don't want a disgruntal employee messing with them).

To repartition, you would have to put the info on disk 2 to tape and then restore it after repartition of the drive.
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Old 02-12-2002
Thanks for your help. I was afraid that the only way to repartition was to backup to tape first. Just hoping on the off chance that there might be an obscure utility to use. Anyway, I will be implementing the changes. Thanks again.
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