HP-UX and Solaris Certification: Better 2gether??

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Old 02-07-2002
Question HP-UX and Solaris Certification: Better 2gether??

I am fresh from the womb when it comes to Unix, but I like it.So much that i'm willing to get certifications as both a HP-UX and Solaris Network Administrator.My questions are...............
1)What is the difference between Solaris and HP-UX other than one is by Sun and the other is by Hewlett Packard??
2)Is there a end-user version of HP-UX?? Where can I get it??
3)How about a end-user version of straight UNIX?? Where can I get it??

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Old 02-08-2002
A suggestion, Pls visit the Vendor webpage either www.sun.com or www.hp.com why is this because, to describe the diffrences between both the certs are quite long. You may try to visit those webpages to find out up-to date information on what you wanted.

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Old 02-08-2002
Re: HP-UX and Solaris Certification: Better 2gether??

1) What is the difference between a Toyota and a Nissan? You both look similar, drive similarly, but there are subtle differences that you learn more and more as you delve deeper into the "engines".

2) I guess all versions are end-user versions... do you mean for personal use? Well, as of right now, you need to have HP hardware (an HP9000) to run HP-UX, whether it's a personal workstation or a mid-range server. You can find some moderately-priced workstations on eBay...

3) What is "straight Unix"? The original Unix no longer exists - it's now a bunch of look-alikes and grandchildren. You can find some places online that let you play with a simulation of a System 7 Unix machine, but it's significantly different than anything you'll ever see in real life. HP-UX and Solaris are two very good choices to learn. Also, Linux, SCO Unix, *BSD, etc. can all still be good choices too...
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Old 02-08-2002

You guys are cool.I hope to be able to help other people like you guys do someday.Thanks a lot
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Old 03-30-2002
Check the FAQ section in the forums. There is some good information on certification to be found there ....
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