To call/execute a shell script from a shell script

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Old 10-26-2007
Power To call/execute a shell script from a shell script

Hi ,

I have 4 shell scripts
b.ksh -> depends on a.ksh success -> log into b.log
c.ksh -> depends on b.ksh success -> log into c.log
d.ksh -> depends on c.ksh success -> log into d.log

I will have to write main.ksh
execute a.ksh , log into a.log
if a.ksh= success, execute b.ksh , log into b.log ,else exit
if b.ksh= success, execute c.ksh , log into c.log ,else exit
if c.ksh= success, execute d.ksh , log into d.log ,else exit
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Old 10-26-2007
No magic here

if test "$?" != "0"; then exit 1; fi
b.ksh >b.log
if test "$?" != "0"; then exit 1; fi
c.ksh >c.log
if test "$?" != "0"; then exit 1; fi
d.ksh >d.log

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