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Old 10-26-2007
Substitute Variable

Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of a substitute variable in the unix programming language and give an example where it may be used?

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addbddnodeassoc - adds a bdd node in a variable association. ORIGIN
This software belongs to the ALLIANCE CAD SYSTEM developed by the ASIM team at LIP6 laboratory of Universite Pierre et Marie CURIE, in Paris, France. Web : E-mail : SYNOPSYS
#include "bdd101.h" bddassoc *addbddnodeassoc( BddSystem, BddAssoc, Variable, BddNode ) bddsystem *BddSystem; bddassoc *BddAssoc; bddvar Variable; bddnode *BddNode; PARAMETERS
BddSystem The bdd system. BddAssoc The variable association. Variable The variable number. BddNode The bdd node to add. DESCRIPTION
addbddnodeassoc adds the bdd node BddNode, associated to the variable number Variable, in the variable association BddAssoc, in the bdd system BddSystem. If a null pointer is given, the default bdd system is used. The number of external reference of BddNode is incremented. RETURN VALUE
addbddnodeassoc returns a pointer to the variable association. ERRORS
"variable xxx out of range, error !" The Variable parameter must be less or equal to the BddSystem->NUMBER_VAR field. EXAMPLE
#include "bdd101.h" bddsystem *BddSystem; bddcircuit *BddCircuit; bddnode *BddNode; bddnode *BddSubst; bddnode *BddVariable; bddassoc *Assoc; chain_list *Expr; bddvar Variable; BddSystem = createbddsystem( 100, 1000, 100, 50000 ); BddCircuit = createbddcircuit( "hello_world", 10, 10, BddSystem ); Expr = createablbinexpr( ABL_AND, createablatom( "i0" ), createablatom( "i1" ) ); BddNode = addbddcircuitabl( BddCircuit, Expr ); freeablexpr( Expr ); Expr = createablbinexpr( ABL_OR, createablatom( "i2" ), createablatom( "i3" ) ); BddSubst = addbddcircuitabl( BddCircuit, Expr ); freeablexpr( Expr ); BddVariable = searchbddcircuitin( (bddcircuit *)0, "i0" ); Variable = getbddvarbyindex( (bddsystem *)0, BddVariable->INDEX ); Assoc = addbddassoc( (bddsystem *)0 ); addbddnodeassoc( (bddsystem *)0, Assoc, Variable, BddSubst ); BddNode = substbddnodeassoc( (bddsystem *)0, BddSubst, Assoc ); Expr = convertbddcircuitabl( BddCircuit, BddNode ); /* displays ((i3 or i2) and i1) */ viewablexpr( Expr, ABL_VIEW_VHDL ); freeablexpr( Expr ); destroybddassoc( (bddsystem *)0 ); destroybddsystem( (bddsystem *)0 ); destroybddcircuit( (bddcircuit *)0 ); SEE ALSO
This tool is under development at the ASIM department of the LIP6 laboratory. We need your feedback to improve documentation and tools. ASIM
/LIP6 October 1, 1997 ADDBDDNODEASSOC(3)