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SED command help

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# 8  
Old 10-24-2007
Dear Radoulov,
When I m doign generalization for other special character also, it giving me trouble.
When I add it for lines having < character


Its not modifying the lines having &amp;.

but when i add only


it works. So what changes do i need it to make it work for all.

PS: I have added [^\/], because the sed script was removing the last two lines of xml file.
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Old 10-24-2007
Could you post a sample of your input with the patterns (including the &amp/&lt) you want to substitute?
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Old 10-24-2007
This is some sample data of my file.
<EQROW CHG="U" KEY="22" ><EFFECT EFFRG="00122323"></EFFECT>
<EIN> 14XE </EIN>
<EXTWROW CHG="U" KEY="2317743">

Like this in whole file those character are spread. I want to remove the etxra line associated with them, and also retaing those value(&amp;&lt; ect.).
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Old 10-24-2007
with awk it would be:
awk '/^&(amp|lt)/ { re = $0
	printf "%s%s%s\n", rec, re, $0
	{ rec = $0 }
1' filename

(use nawk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk on Solaris)

For sed I have to think a little bit Smilie
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Old 10-24-2007
If you get how it can be done using SED, then it will be nice to me. I m running the SED in UNIX environment. no idea about solaris. Smilie
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Old 10-24-2007
Originally Posted by sanjay singh
If you get how it can be done using SED, then it will be nice to me. I m running the SED in UNIX environment. Smilie
your system not only comes with sed, it comes with awk too and many other essential tools. you should use a tool that does the job well.
# 14  
Old 10-24-2007
I agree with ghostdog74,
it seems unlikely that you have not awk on your system.

Anyway, you can try this not elegant sed solution, _based on your sample input_:
sed  '/<\/[^/>]*>$/!{N;N;s/\n\(&[^;]*;\)\n/\1/;}' filename

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