Can't understand sar command

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Old 10-23-2007
Can't understand sar command

HI Experts,

Can anyone pls help me to understand this..

20:05:00 1 2 1 96
20:10:00 2 2 10 87
20:15:00 1 2 19 78
20:20:00 1 2 14 83
20:25:00 1 2 16 81
20:30:00 1 2 14 83
20:35:00 1 2 12 85
20:40:00 1 2 2 96

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Old 10-23-2007
SAR output


There's a cron job which runs every 5 minutes which records system statistics. This is the default output of SAR if no time options are specified at the command line.

The output is reporting on the percentage your system has spent running processes within each state. The first column represents processes run by users, whilst the second reports on system (or kernel) processes. I/O is the next column, which are processes that transfer data (most commonly read/write to disks) whilst the last column is reporting system idle.

MAN pages will provide more detailed explanations, but the above should give you a basic understanding of what SAR reports on by default.
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