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Old 02-28-2001
I'm a new support employee and 1 of my sites is having a problem printing. There is a UnixWare 2.0 server and a HPLJ printer connect by TCP/IP. When a user prints something it usually prints but the job stays on the que for a while after it has been printed. When I check 'lpstat -t' the job is listed with 'filtered' at the end of the line. I believe the problem comes when they start to print multiple items and the print que gets stuffed up then nothing prints. Any ideas on what could be causing the jobs to not fall off the que?
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Old 02-28-2001
Perhaps there is a problem in /etc/printcap. Print filters and flags are specified there.
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Old 03-01-2001
If the printcap file does not show anything , the problem could be user / network / printer related (We have had similar problems with a HP 4000N) . You can test this by swapping out your hardware (including the jetdirect card). You may alo wish to run ps -ef |grep printername, when the print queue hangs , and see if anything flags up.
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