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Old 02-06-2002
Question Delete Mailbox


Where can i delete or find the *.mbox files in unix???

Please help me!!
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Old 02-06-2002
Did you mean mbox or .mbox?

Following from mailx man page:
Incoming mail is stored in a standard file for each user,
called the mailbox for that user. When the mail utilities
are called to read messages, the mailbox is the default
place to find them. As messages are read, they are marked
to be moved to a secondary file for storage, unless specific
action is taken, so that the messages need not be seen
again. This secondary file is called the mbox and is nor-
mally located in the user's HOME directory (see MBOX in
ENVIRONMENT for a description of this file). Messages can
be saved in other secondary files named by the user. Mes-
sages remain in a secondary file until forcibly removed.

( or did you mean mail.rc ?)
After executing the system startup file, the mail utilities
execute the optional personal startup file $HOME/.mailrc,
wherein the user can override the values of the internal
variables as set by the system startup file.

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Old 02-06-2002
my problem is that my boss in on holyday and i dont reach him on phone.

i want to start a database in unix but always comes a message that 2 mailboxes allready exist. So i think when i delete them i can start the database. But i dont know were i can do this!!!
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Old 02-06-2002
i want to start a database in unix but always comes a message that 2 mailboxes allready exist. So i think when i delete them i can start the database. But i dont know were i can do this!!!

So let's start from the begining:

What OS are you running? What type of database are you trying to start? What is the specific error you are receiving and when do you receive it? Are you attempting to start the database as root, as yourself, or are you using an account specifically created for the database?
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