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Old 10-17-2007
Originally Posted by abc.working
char *buf;
//the below recv is non blocking, it doesn't wait for client to send.
1. are you allocating buf first?

2. if the socket is non blocking you must use select or poll to notify you when to read/write/accept etc.
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NetSDS::App::SMTPD(3pm) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   NetSDS::App::SMTPD(3pm)

use NetSDS::App::SMTPD Packages NetSDS::App::SMTPD::Socket Needs for work with socket. This module is a parent for NetSDS::App::SMTPD and NetSDS::App::SMTPD::Client and a child of a NetSDS::APP ITEMS create_socket Creating a simple socket which could be transformed into a listening in NetSDS::App::SMTPD and could be used in NetSDS::App::SMTPD::Client for accept connection can_read This method uses for making a timeout before connections to the server: if there is no connections to accept, program would be just waiting in select while the connection appeared. close_socket Close socket NetSDS::App::SMTPD::Client Provides the smtp protocol bu using Net::Server::Mail::SMTP. Had attributes: smtp - an object of Net::Server::Mail::SMTP, ip - ip of the remote host, headers - ref hash with headers of a message, msg - a body of a message. ITEMS set_callback and process All that subs do - its only call the methods of a Net::Server::Mail::SMTP with the same name. get_mail In this sub we parse message and set headers of the object and message body. This sub is call as a callback on event DATA get_header and get_msg Get methods that make you access to a header of a msg and message body. Example: $client->get_header('FROM') or $client->get_header('to'); NetSDS::App::SMTPD This module init a smtp-server. ITEMS create_socket Init a listening socket by creating a simple socket Super::create_socket and make it listening. data Takes - a message that has been received, parses them and prepare the structure of headers, body for next actions accept Waiting for an smtp connection and that accept it. data process Example #!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; Receiver->run( infinite => 1, debug => 1, verbose => 1, conf_file => '../conf/mts-receiver.conf', ); 1; package Receiver; use base 'NetSDS::App::SMTPD'; sub process { my $self = shift; my $client = $self->SUPER::process; #do something with msg; my $from = $client->get_header('from'); my $msg = $client->get_msg; ..... return $self; }; or you could reinit process like this: sub process { my $self = shift; my $client = $self->accept; return unless $client; $client->process; #do something ...... $client->close; return $self; }; AUTHOR
Yana Kornienko <> perl v5.10.1 2010-04-28 NetSDS::App::SMTPD(3pm)