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terminal problem

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Old 02-06-2002
terminal problem

Hi all

While trying to upon a new window it is saying UNABLE TO GET PTY..what does this means how to solve it


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Old 02-06-2002
What is your OS? What were you trying to run at the time?

Sunsolve shows the following - this may or may NOT be your problem:

This error is due to dtterm not being able to open /dev/pts/N (where N
is an integer). The reason they are unable to open this file is because
grantpt failed to change the permissions on the file. Grantpt failed
because the binary /usr/lib/pt_chmod is not setuid root. The permissions
on /usr/lib/pt_chmod must be 4111.

To restore the correct permissions to pt_chmod, use the following
command: (as root)

# chmod 4111 /usr/lib/pt_chmod

Also, make sure that /usr/lib/pt_chmod is owned by root and by the group
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Old 02-07-2002
I have seen this error on SCO Openserver where there were not enough psuedo tty's or pty's entries in /dev. there is a commnad to make dev pty's on SCO Openserver. Not sure if this the problem you are having or not.
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Old 02-07-2002
With some Unices, there is also a kernel parameter that limits maximum ptys. In Linux, for one, you would have to recompile you kernel all together.
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Old 02-07-2002
Hi all
Thanks for ur suggestions.
actually i am using solaris2.5 un a sunultra1 sparc server.
wht i found that a number of terminals had been opened in the console itself.

i just closed all those terminals and now from remote machine i can telnet and open new terminals.
so what Livinfree is telling seems true.
i also checked the pt_chmod and the permission is as follows
---s--x--x 1 root bin 4388 Oct 6 1998 pt_chmod

Any other ideas..on the kernel parameters that restricts no of terminals.
Thanks and regards


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