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Old 10-15-2007
Solaris 10 disksuite

We recently got a third party in to upgrade our solaris 8 sparc server to solaris 10.
A few month later I now have a disk mirror problem that I would normally fix by going into the GUI screen "metatool"
It appears that the third party didn't install disksuite after the upgrade. Does anyone know where I can download disksuite for solaris 10?

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Old 10-15-2007
I'm not sure what metatool does. I checked on a couple of servers, but it wasn't in the standard path. Perhaps you would like to explain what the problem is? Maybe someone here could give you a command-line solution.

I don't think metatool is part of Solaris 10. This list might help.
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Old 10-15-2007
Sorry for the long winded details, but I'd imagine the more details the better!

Below is a section of the output from metastat -t
What basically seems to have happened is that the mirror has got itself confused as it needs repairing. looking at the iostat -En command, the hard disk do not show any errors. I haven't got any spare slices to move the damaged slice to as suggested with the metareplace command provided in the metastat output so I need to break the mirror, remove the mirror, then recreate it again so it starts to sync.
I have done this in the past but only via a gui screen and not through the text commands although I know it is possible.

Any help / guidance would be appreciated.

d27: Mirror
Submirror 0: d28
State: Needs maintenance Mon Sep 24 10:38:00 2007
Submirror 1: d29
State: Okay Mon Oct 28 16:36:45 2002
Pass: 1
Read option: roundrobin (default)
Write option: parallel (default)
Size: 12581595 blocks (6.0 GB)

d28: Submirror of d27
State: Needs maintenance Mon Sep 24 10:38:00 2007
Invoke: metareplace d27 c1t8d0s4 <new device>
Size: 12581595 blocks (6.0 GB)
Stripe 0: (interlace: 32 blocks)
Device Start Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare Time
c1t1d0s4 0 No Okay Yes Mon Oct 28 15:47:00 2002
c1t2d0s4 0 No Okay Yes Mon Oct 28 15:47:00 2002
c1t8d0s4 0 No Maintenance Yes Mon Sep 24 10:38:00 2007

d29: Submirror of d27
State: Okay Mon Oct 28 16:36:45 2002
Size: 12581595 blocks (6.0 GB)
Stripe 0: (interlace: 32 blocks)
Device Start Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare Time
c1t4d0s4 0 No Okay Yes Mon Oct 28 15:47:37 2002
c1t5d0s4 0 No Okay Yes Mon Oct 28 15:47:37 2002
c1t11d0s4 0 No Okay Yes Mon Oct 28 15:47:37 2002
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Old 10-15-2007
For your example:
metadetach d28 d27 # this will detach the mirror
metattach d27 d28 # this will attach the mirror

If there aren't any hardware errors (and you have said that there aren't), this should fix the problem.
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Old 10-15-2007
Thank you.
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Old 10-15-2007
Detaching didn't work due to the following error:
attempt an operation on a submirror that has erred components.

Do you know where I can download disksuite from for Solaris 10?
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Old 10-15-2007
Apparently disksuite was a Solaris 8 tool which has been replaced by Solaris Volume Manager.
How do I run volume manager?

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