Athlon XP + Linux/Unix? and RAM Question

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Old 02-05-2002
Athlon XP + Linux/Unix? and RAM Question

Has anyone had any experience with this new processor and its compatability with Linux/Unix? How did it preform comared to regular Athlons and P4's?

I also have one other question. I plan on buying a new dell and fiddling left and right with it. Which type of RAM is better, RDRAM or DDRRAM? Explain plz.

Thanks alot guys!


Gateway Essencial 550
Pentium III 550mHz
320 Meg of 133mHz SDRAM
14.3 Gig Hard drive
32 Meg nVidia TNT2 Video Card
Sound Blaster Sound Card

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Old 02-06-2002
Well, RD is PC-800 where DDR is probably only going to be PC-266(or 233), so the RD is a lot faster. I bought my PC in July(needed for school and as soon as I bought the price of everything in it plummertedSmilie so RD was out of the question. If you can afford to put RD in your computer I would strongly recommend it. You may also want to check out before buying a PC. They custom build every system and are the cheapest place I've ever seen for building a PC, especially if you want something thats top of the line.
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Old 02-06-2002
whoa whoa whoa... back up the train... RD Ram is NOT faster than DDR... DDR = Double Data Rate... meaning it uses both sides of the clock cycle to process commands.. DDR is PC1600/PC2100, etc... the numbers (200, 266) refer to FSB..

Don't waste your money on RD... it's not worth it. Go with DDR... I'm using DDR in my machine and haven't had any problems.

I can't help you with the processor stuff tho... I only have a 1.2 GHz Athlon Thunderbird...
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Old 02-06-2002
Sorry for this shameless plug, but try looking at

This should fill you in a little.

At current rates the Athlon DDR combo is the cheapest (and only a tiny little bit behind Intel's latest processors [Northwood core]).

the 2000+ (1.67 GHz [i think]) athlon is faster and cheaper than a 2GHz P4 (with the Willamette core).

Remember there are two types of P4 on the market, the Willamette core (1GHz to 2GHz) and the Northwood core (2GHz +)

Its worthwile noting that the the northwood core is intels latest - so the system is more likley (if they stop changing the sockets) to be upgradeable, but AMD are designing a new Athlon core to keep up so it may not be as upgradable.

For my money - Athlon DDR.

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