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Old 10-10-2007
Data Checking file size of zip file

I'm having a problem with a bash shell

The shell is running through a list of zip filenames, copying the zip files to another location and adding a file to the zip files.

All this is working great, however I also need to report on the size of the zip file and I keep getting wrong answers.

Here's how I currently have it set up

cat $INPUT_FIL |
while read ITEM
   #copy zip file to new location, add file
   ZIP_SIZE=`ls -sh $ZIP_FIL`
   echo $ZIP_SIZE

I get numbers that are way off the mark when I run it this way. I've moved the ZIP_SIZE to various points throughout the do loop and I get a different answer in different places. All of them are wrong.

I've also tried using wait $!

How can I get an accurate size count?
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Old 10-10-2007
I'm assuming you're on Linux:
First off, ls -l gives the file size in bytes, ls -lh makes it human readable.

Plus, I don't see where you are copying things.

-s gives a size in blocks. If you copy from one filesystem to another, filesystem #1 may have a blocksize of 512, the other filesystem #2 may have a blocksize of 1024, so -s would give you differing results. Don't use -s
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Old 10-11-2007
ls -lh worked wonderfully, thanks.

I didn't show the code for copying and stuff because that was working.

Thanks again!

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