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Old 02-27-2001

Hi, I noticed that SUN is selling the Blade 100 workstation for < 1000. I am considering buying one with a high end graphics card for 3D animation/graphics (and also some java development). I am wondering if any relatively inexpensive graphics applications exist for Unix/Solaris machines. Anybody know? Thanks! - E

PS - would a viewsonic 19 inch monitor work with this machine or would I have to purchase an expensive Sun monitor? Thanks again.
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Old 02-27-2001
There are plenty of nice graphics packages that are free; but you did not say what you are looking for! Graphics is a big word Smilie

From my experience, Sun graphics cards have special cables that work with Sun monitors. You might have a problem setting up your ViewSonic. My suggestion would be a google search, for example:

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Old 02-28-2001
Bug Looking for something akin to 3d Studio Max

Thanks for the quick reply Neo! I'm looking for something similar to 3d studio max except not as expensive (or freeware if possible :-)). maybe something more along the lines of Infini-D that I could create 3D models, animations, movies etc with. I'll do a search about the monitor. I am used to Linux which has a certain level of plug and play and was just wondering if
the Sun Expert3D-Lite card would work with any old monitor or only a sun specific one.
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Old 02-28-2001
By the way what is your opinion of the Blade 100 as an entry level Unix machine? I am a java developer and 3D animation is kind of a hobby. At work we deploy our product on Solaris but develop on Win2K. I'm just thinking I could kill 2 birds with one stone by getting the Blade. I could do Java development on the platform my companies product runs on and use it for 3D apps. Thanks again!
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Old 02-28-2001
From my experience, Sun graphics cards have special cables that work with Sun monitors. You might have a problem setting up your ViewSonic.
You can buy an adapter cable from Sun, or possibly elsewhere too.
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