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Old 10-10-2007
Data Assign groups by e-mail

I want to give a group a read access to a directory tree, but i want the group to be defined by the email account. here's the details:

I have a punch users who use e-mail addresses of "*".
I want give this group of "*" a read access to a directory tree so every one who has "" will be able to read any files under this directory /opt/dirs/

BTW: I couldn't find ".mailrc" on my Solaris 8 to add aliases

Any help will be appreciated
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Old 10-10-2007
Do these people have logins on this server?
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Old 10-10-2007
No, that's why i need to use the group by e-mail so i can allow any user who
part of this email address can read the files under the directory
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Old 10-10-2007
Originally Posted by moe2266
...can read the files under the directory
How are they going to read that directory? What application, tool, protocol etc?
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Old 10-10-2007
The directory is located on UNIX server & has punch of web applications & html files. there's a link can be opened through any web browser to access these web pages & directory contents
I want these users to be able to access these web pages & the directory contents when they click on the link
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Old 10-10-2007
Some information might be useful, such as the platform you are running on and the web server you are using.
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Old 10-10-2007
Actually this is an access control issue ( i believe related to Apache) & i want these users whos email under "*" to be able to access this webpage with all its contents

This is Apache 2.0 running on Solaris 8
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