Printer buffer overflow

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Old 02-01-2002
Printer buffer overflow

I have an Oki-Page 14ex with 4MB of RAM. Whenever I print large documents or a several small documents, I get a buffer overflow. Can anyone help? Thanks.

If there is any additional information you need, please feel free to ask.

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Old 02-01-2002

How are you connected to this printer? Serial? or Parallel? Normally I would expect to see these kinds of error with serial connections... largely due to incorrect... or.. NON-matching communication protocols. Tell me how you are connected to the printer... serial? parallel? If it's serial.. are you connected to a multi-i/o port? or one of the built in on-board serial ports.?
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Old 02-02-2002
I am connected via the serial port on the printer and plugged into a multi-port serial I/O board. I believe it is a Stallion or DigiBoard. I don't remember off-hand but I could look. Thanks for replying.
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Old 02-02-2002

Check the following:

1) What type of port you are connected to.
a. Digi? if so.. what type of connection
rj45? db25?

b. Sallion? if so... why type of connection
rj45? db25?

2) What device are you connected to? You can check this by
lpstat -t and it should tell you the device this printer is
connected to.

3) In the /etc directory check the file inittab
look for the line that contains the device for the printer
and see what baud rate it is operating at. Also, check
for any additional protocol settings... xon/xoff etc..
make SURE there is not a getty process being respawned
on that port.

4) On the Okidata printer, enter into the setup mode for
the serial port and check the baud rate that's set there
and the protocol being used. xon/xoff etc...

There are several factors that usually affect printing problems
when using serial connections.

Is your cable configured for the protocol you are using?
Do your printers serial port settings match the settings on
you I/O device?

Stallion and Digi both have software utilities that can aid you in setting up a printer. You may want to delete the printer from the print que and use their utility to re-add the printer to the O/S

Digi uses mpi

Sallion uses easyadm

Digi and Stallion both have web-sites for trouble shooting printer problems.

Let me know what you find... maybe we can fix your problem
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