determine pid from ps -ef | grep something

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Old 05-03-2009
any clue ?
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Old 05-03-2009

same for

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo kill 3058
sudo kill 3058
kill: No such process

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Old 05-03-2009
I expect that you are picking up the PID of the "grep".

To check whether is happening, try this quick test.

ps -ef | grep "grep"

To eliminate "grep" itself from the equation.

ps -ef | grep "/var/lib/dpkg/lock" | grep -v "grep" | awk '{print $2}'

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Old 06-07-2009

i think nothing...

ps -ef | grep "/var/lib/dpkg/lock" | awk '{print $8}'

gives me...


-----Post Update-----

Originally Posted by methyl
I expect that you are picking up the PID of the "grep".

i expect to find out which software is monopolizing my lock file...

i guess that it is the automatic updates process from gnome, but i would like to end it and manually install another software from the console using aptitude.
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