Howto capture data from rs232port andpull data into oracle database-9i automatically

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Howto capture data from rs232port andpull data into oracle database-9i automatically

i willbe very much grateful to u if u help me out..

if i simply connect pbx machine to printer by serial port RS232 then we find this view:
But i want to capture this data into database automatically when the pbx is running.The table in database will contain similar to this view inthe below:
Date Time Ext CO Dial Number Ring Duration Acc code CD


03/30/02 04:12PM 201 10 7617707 00:00'22

03/30/02 04:12PM 166 01 7112786 00:01'26

i m using oracle 9i in windows2000 professional
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Originally Posted by boss
i m using oracle 9i in windows2000 professional
You might find yourself on the wrong forum.

Judging by the "state of the art" these days, you'll need a .NET program[mer], and given you are on win2kpro that would be .NET 1....

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