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Old 09-22-2007
Case1: TestFish_done.txt to Test Fish Done.txt,
There needs to be one more transformation from ' d ' to ' D '

but not sure whether thats typo or needed by the ' OP '
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Old 09-23-2007
i got syntax error at line 2: `$' unexpected. Could you help me?
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Old 09-23-2007
Try this:
cd /path/to/files
for file in *; do 
   mv "$file" "$(echo $file | sed 's/ //')"; 
## do your encryption which will rename your files from whatever.txt to whatever_encrypted.txt
## now to rename the files back to their original names
for file in *; do 
   mv $file ${file%_*}.${ext}; 

Check the Paramter Expansion section of the bash man page for the explanation.
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Old 09-25-2007
I try all your advise, but still not meet what i want the output. The sample file name in my directory like this;


so i did like this

echo "enter old file name:"
read old

echo "enter new file name:"
read new

mv $old $new

For input old file name is Simple* and input new file name is Simple Question Four*.txt . Expect output should is change all the file name to ;

Simple Question Four#36116#FUN.txt
Simple Question Four#36226#QUOTE.txt
Simple Question Four#36226#TONE.txt
Simple Question Four#36226#LIMBO.txt

But the script can't run. As i understand mv command just can use at one time only.

How i want to make the script can rename all file name?
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Old 10-03-2008
Hi guys,

I picked this Post and i need help to do something like that but with more "sapaces".


EDF Segur 200807.xls --> 2 spaces
EDF Segur 200808.xls --> 2 spaces
EDF St Bernabe 200801.xls --> 3 spaces

Is it possible too ?

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Old 10-04-2008
if you have Python, you can use the script here
eg usage
 ls -1
EDF Segur 200807.xls
EDF Segur 200808.xls
EDF St Bernabe 200801.xls

# -p " " -e "#" -l "EDF*"
==>>>>  [ /home/EDF St Bernabe 200801.xls ]==>[ /home/EDF#St#Bernabe#200801.xls ]
==>>>>  [ /home/EDF Segur 200807.xls ]==>[ /home/EDF#Segur#200807.xls ]
==>>>>  [ /home/EDF Segur 200808.xls ]==>[ /home/EDF#Segur#200808.xls ]

# -p " " -e "#"  "EDF*"
/home/EDF St Bernabe 200801.xls  is renamed to  /home/EDF#St#Bernabe#200801.xls
/home/EDF Segur 200807.xls  is renamed to  /home/EDF#Segur#200807.xls
/home/EDF Segur 200808.xls  is renamed to  /home/EDF#Segur#200808.xls

# ls -1

# 14  
Old 10-04-2008
You can use the solution of matrixmadhan, with a little adaption:

ls -1 EDF* | while read file
  mv "$file" `echo "$file" | sed 's/ //g'`

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