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Old 09-20-2007
N00b In Need!

Howdy all, just joined the forums after finding them on a good ole' google search. very impressed from what i've seen so far! I'm pretty new to the world of Unix/Linux, have just had a change of job role and been thrown in at the deep end! I'm now working on an Oracle 9i database using HPUX boxes with Redhat applications tiers..... And am having great difficulty getting my head around some scripting! Smilie

As part of patch installs from our in house developers i regularly have to clear a cache directory on our applications tiers boxes, i would really appreciate a script to make this easier, and i could really do with a little guidance on how to acheive it! Smilie

We have 7 apps boxes (named genapp01/02/03/04/08/09) and each has the cache directory in one of 2 places, either...


each box has the same user/password running the oracle environment, so all the files are owned by the same user. Same goes for the root user, should i run the script as the root user, or as the environment owner? Smilie

Should my script seperatly ssh to each box and rm -rf * inside the _pages folder? Or can i use an SCP command or similar?

Any help greatly appreciated! Smilie


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Old 09-20-2007
As a general rule, you should try and avoid running things as root. Try and do things as the least privilaged user allowed to do the task. This reduces the chances of mistakes. Also, ensure you have backups etc.
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