using Lynx and Grep to return search page rank - help

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Old 09-18-2007
using Lynx and Grep to return search page rank - help

I am writing a script which will read in search terms from a text file and pass each line to Lynx. Lynx will grab the source html, then I want grep/tr, whatever to search for the first occurance of a term (, then delete from that 1st occurance on, creating a new end of file.

Then I want to count a certain marker <class=L> in the remaining source to determine the search engine page rank until end of file.

This is what I have so far. My primary issue is that google returns all search html source as 1 line, which is why I need to count the style tag <class=L> (in this case lowercase L), what I have right now grab the search terms and the results, but I'm unsure of where to go from here.

cat ${1} | while read searchTerm; do
#echo "${searchTerm}"
lynx -source -accept_all_cookies "$searchTerm">> /path/to/dir/archive.txt

Thanks in Advance!
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insmbkrds - converts MBK figure to RDS figure ORIGIN
This software belongs to the ALLIANCE CAD SYSTEM developed by the ASIM team at LIP6 laboratory of Universite Pierre et Marie CURIE, in Paris, France. Web : E-mail : SYNOPSYS
#include "rfmnnn.h" rdsins_list *insmbkrds( FigureRds, InstanceMbk, Mode, Lynx ) rdsfig_list *FigureRds; phins_list *InstanceMbk; char Mode; char Lynx; PARAMETER
FigureRds The Rds figure which has to receive the RDS instance issue to the MBK instance conversion. InstanceMbk MBK instance which has to be converted and added to the RDS figure. Mode This field can take three values : 'A' : All the cell is loaded in ram. 'P' : Only information concerning the model interface is present, that means connector s and the abutment box. 'C' : Finishes to fill an already loaded figure in 'P' mode, in order to have it all in memory. After this, the conver- sion is applied. Note : The loading mode here is the MBK mode. Lynx Flag used for the segment conversion. If the parameter Lynx is set to 0 then thi s is the normal conversion mode. If the parameter Lynx is set to 1 then the rds structure generated permits to extract equipotentials rectangles. DESCRIPTION
The insmbkrds function creates in the RDS figure the RDS instance issue to the convertion of the MBK instance to RDS format. If the parame- ter 'Mode' is set to 'A' then all the instance is loaded, else if parameter 'Mode' is set to 'P' then connectors and abutment box and through routes are loaded (for more information, see getphfig and loadphfig MBK functions). RETURN VALUE
A pointer to the newly created instance is returned. ERRORS
"Rds202: rdsalloc error, can't continue !" it's impossible to allocate the memory size desired EXAMPLE
#include "mphnnn.h" #include "mutnnn.h" #include "rdsnnn.h" #include "rfmnnn.h" #include "rtlnnn.h" typedef struct UserStruct { char *STRING; void *USER1; } UserStruct; main() { phfig_list *MbkFigure; phins_list *MbkInstance; rdsfig_list *RdsFigure; rdsins_list *RdsInstance; mbkenv(); rdsenv(); loadrdsparam(); /* create MbkFigure Named "core" */ MbkFigure = addphfig("core"); /* add Mbk instance "n1_y" to MbkFigure named "core" */ MbkInstance = addphins(MbkFigure,"n1_y","inv_1",NOSYM,4,9); /* create RdsFigure named "core_2" */ RdsFigure = addrdsfig("core_2",sizeof(UserStruct)); /* create RdsInstance with MbkInstance */ RdsInstance = insmbkrds ( RdsFigure, MbkInstance, 'A', 0 ); viewrdsins ( RdsInstance ); . . . } SEE ALSO
librfm, librds, viewrfmins, loadrdsparam BUG REPORT
This tool is under development at the ASIM department of the LIP6 laboratory. We need your feedback to improve documentation and tools. ASIM
/LIP6 October 1, 1997 INSMBKRDS(3)