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copy "cp" command how distinquish upper/lower case

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Old 09-17-2007
copy "cp" command how distinquish upper/lower case


i thought this should work to specify that i want to "cp" all files no matter what the case, ie upper or lower, as i have 2 files called Makefile and mak

cp -i mak*

but apparently the -i isn't a valid option like it is with grep

thanks for any suggestions!

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Old 09-17-2007
You need to understand who is doing the expanding. In your case "-i" goes to the command "cp" but "mak*" is expanded directly by the shell.

cp does support the -i option as follows

     -i    Causes cp to write a prompt to the standard error output before
           copying a file that would overwrite an existing file.  If the
           response from the standard input begins with the character `y', the
           file copy is attempted.

Not quite what you meant.


cp [mM]ak* tgt


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